There are two new courses offered in Polish and English by Dr. Marta Pachocka at the Warsaw School of Economics within the framework of the project EUMIGRO. Their scope covers the issues of international migration and immigration policy in the European Union and its Member States. The courses are dedicated to the WSE undergraduate students, but anyone interested can participate in the classes (maximum number of participants: 25-30 students).
The detailed offer of the courses is available here:
138011-1356  (EN) Europe and international migration: an interdisciplinary perspective
138021-1356  (EN) Immigration situation and immigration policy in the EU member states
138010-1356  (PL) Europa a migracje międzynarodowe: perspektywa interdyscyplinarna
138020-1356  (PL)  Imigracja i polityka imigracyjna w państwach członkowskich UE


Office hours for students (fall semester 2018/2019)

Tuesday 19.00–20.00
room 104, building G

cancelled on: 23.10.2018, 27.11.2018

please confirm by email on Monday