Migration policy

Full syllabus of the course

Aims of the course:

1. Familiarizing students with key terms and definitions in the area of international migration and migration policy. 2. Introducing migration as a complex and multidimensional research problem, which can be presented in its fullest only through the inter- and multidimensional scientific approaches. 3. Presenting main migration trends in the contemporary world, their causes, consequences and determinants. 4. Making students aware of the main problems and challenges in the area of international migration movements. 5. Detailed presentation of the aims, assumptions, mechanisms, tools and stakeholders of migration policy. 6. Discussing migration policies implemented in practice in different regions of the world. 7. Developing students' skills of analyzing selected aspects of contemporary international migration and of migration policy. 8. Increasing students' awareness of the fact that creating a well-defined and consistent migration policy is necessary to face the current and future migration processes. 9. Awakening students' sensitivity to the problems of international migration, its multidimensional causes and consequences for contemporary societies sending and receiving migrants.

Programme of the course:

The course focuses on the comparative analysis and evaluation of the situation in the field of international migration at global, regional and national levels. It covers theoretical and practical issues. Topics include: an introduction to the general knowledge on international migration and migration policy, key terms and definitions in use, as well as presentation, analysis and evaluation of migration situation and migration policy in selected countries around the world.

1 International migration - introduction. Key terms and definitions, data sources on migration.

2 International migration as a complex and multidimensional research problem in inter- and multidisciplinary approaches. Review of migration theories. Challenges concerning the research on migration.

3 International migration in the contemporary world - trends, causes, consequences, determinants, main problems and challenges.

4 Migration policy - scope, aims, assumptions, mechanisms and tools, stakeholders.

5 Immigration policy versus emigration policy. Immigration policy and integration policy. Models of migration polic. 

6 Migration policy in selected states in North America and Europe.

7 Migration policy in selected states in Africa, Asia and South America.