The EUMIGRO project is cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary in character. One of its main goals is the inclusion of representatives of different circles working with the issues connected with migration and asylum in Europe, EU and Poland into the project activities as well as invoking interest in these problems among a wider audience. Therefore, within the project we will cooperate in different modes and scopes with various institutions/entities and their representatives in Poland and abroad, the heads of different projects and interested individuals. The cooperation proposal is dedicated to, among others, the representatives of universities, EU institutions and units, offices of international organizations, public administrative bodies, associations and scientific societies, NGOs, think tanks, publishing houses and the media.

The cooperation can take the form of, for example:

  • coorganization of three annual roundtable debates within the EUMIGRO project
  • coorganization of other scientific events (i.e. conferences, seminars, debates, discussions)
  • active participation in classes for students as special guests within the EUMIGRO project
  • active participation in degree seminars for students as special guests within the EUMIGRO project
  • coorganization of open lectures
  • coorganization of study visits
  • preparation of joint publications and conference presentations
  • cooperation in the promotional and informational activities