My main research interests include i.a.

  1. European integration, EU in the international relations, selected EU policies, EU studies,
  2. socio-demographic changes in Europe / EU and their consequences, the demographic situation in Europe/EU
  3. international migration, migration and asylum in Europe,
  4. EU policy on migration and asylum, migration and integration policies in selected European countries,
  5. integration of immigrants and foreigners in selected EU member states, with a special focus on France and Poland,
  6. European economy, external relations of the EU,
  7. world economy, globalization, international organizations, global public goods,
  8. France’s international position, foreign policy of France,
  9. higher education in the EU, education and labor market,
  10. great powers in international relations, power (force) of the State.

My main non-research interests encompass i.e.

  • Cats
  • Paris
  • France