University of Warsaw - Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies

The Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies (CFC) is a multi-disciplinary research unit of the University of Warsaw. It was founded in 1958 with Michel Foucault as its first director. The Center’s activities focus on four key issues: promoting public debate between France and Poland; conducting research projects; supporting cooperation between French and Polish universities; and collecting publications on French language and culture and running a library for students and researchers. The research activity of the Center is multidimensional and deals with broadly understood humanities and social sciences. The Center’s work programme focuses on three main research axes: migration in Europe and related challenges in the political, social and cultural spheres; international security; and memory and historical narration. OKF cooperates with various academic institutions, think tanks, foundations and cultural institutions from France, Poland and other European countries. More on the Centre:

Agnieszka Kulesa, PhD candidate at the Warsaw School of Economics, migration researcher at the Center for French Culture and Francophone Studies at the University of Warsaw. Ms Kulesa is a political scientist and in her research she focuses is on the issues of migration and migration policy. In 2007-2010 she worked at the Polish Institute of International Affairs; in 2010-2014 she worked for the Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Poland, where she was responsible for international cooperation in the field of migration and coordinated activities within the Prague Process. In 2014-2016 she lived in London, where she worked for of a British charity co-ordinating a project dedicated to migrants from Poland, and voluntarily supported asylum seekers, refugees and victims of trafficking in human beings. E-mail: