New York Declaration on Refugees: A One-Year Report Card
A year after the first ever U.N. refugee summit, policy expert Jeff Crisp examines the four key objectives of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework agreed in New York, and the major questions and obstacles that remain to be resolved.
2017-09-19 21:01
Integration Processes and Policies in Europe - | Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas | Springer
I recommend a great academic publication in open access on: "Integration Processes and Policies in Europe: Contexts, Levels and Actors", by: eds @Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and @Rinus Penninx, Springer:


In this open access book, experts on integration processes, integration policies, transnationalism, and the migration and development framework provide an...
2017-09-19 18:47
Europe has failed to integrate its refugees – but one tiny Greek island succeeded | David Patrikarakos
Migration waves have left refugees struggling to survive. On Tilos, 50 of them have been not only integrated but enabled, says author David Patrikarakos
2017-09-12 18:37