University of Gdańsk - Research Centre on European Integration

The Research Centre of European Integration (RCoEI) was founden in 1983, that is placed at the Faculty of Economics in 1978. Since then RCoEI concentrates on research and teaching of the economic aspects of the European integration. It is well known for its interdisciplinary research on integration concerning: evolution of EU, enlargements of EU, human rights and democracy, internal market of the EU, external trade, transfer of capital and so on. Besides teaching and research the RCoEI is also involved in different projects promoting the ideas and functioning to the society such as Day of Europe Event, seminars in secondary schools, open seminars with Polish and foreign experts on the European Union topics.

Aleksandra Borowicz - holds PhD in economics and is an assistant professor at the Research Centre of European Integration at the University of Gdańsk since 2009. She teaches fundamentals of European Union, diplomatic protocol, management of European projects and monetary union. Her scientific interest focus on capital transfer in the form of FDI, its impact on competitiveness of economy. She is coordinator of many European projects and conducts trainings on project management. In 2010-2011 she was coordinator of JM project “Polish Presidency in EU” (LLP, JM Programme). At the same time as a member of the team leading the project “European integration process in the new regional and global settings” (7FP). In 2013-2014 she became a member of the project “L’Académie du Jeune Européen” (LLP, JM Programme) , in 2014-2015 member of project “EuInteg” (Erasmus+, JM Information Project), in 2016-2017 member of the project “L’Académie du Jeune Européen II” (LLP, JM Programme). More information: