Jean Monnet Module EUIncSo


Doctor of EU law. Head of the Chair of Administrative Science at the Faculty of Administration and National Security of the Jacob of Paradise University in Gorzów Wielkopolski. She specializes in EU Law and Anti-discrimination Law. A. Szczerba-Zawada is a member of scientific associations: PECSA, PSPE, PTSE and a scientific committee of a European Studies Journal (ECSA-Moldova). Her research interests include the principle of gender equality, EU Internal Market, AFSJ and CFSP. She has didactic experience on EU law, Human Rights Law, EU Structural Funds, CFSP as well EU-funded projects. She is an author and co-editor of several books and articles published in both Polish and English. Aleksandra Szczerba-Zawada received several national and foreign scholarships, including prestigious scholarship of the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists.


The Jean Monnet Module “Inclusive Society Building Trough EU Studies: Human Rights Protection in the European Union” responds to known challenges associated with building an inclusive society in the EU by providing innovative, policy- and law-oriented teaching and research on EU issue which is extremely important to improve young peoples’ sense of inclusion, openness and that contributes to integration, i.e. human rights protection in the EU. 

The EUIncSo Module aims i.a. at:

  • Promoting European Union studies as a tool for building an inclusive and fair European society;
  • Raising young peoples’ awareness and understating of EU integration; 
  • Providing students with knowledge and competences relevant to their academic and professional lives.

To achieve the above-mentioned aims, the EUIncSo Module includes:

  • Conducting 2 courses on selected EU issues: the European System of Human Rights Protection (lecture) and Equality and Non-Discrimination in the European Union (seminar)
  • Organizing round tables, open to the wide public, on tackling hate speech;
  • Conducting research on EU principle of equality in the context of building an inclusive society.

The website of the EUIncSo Module is available here.